His interest in radio began while a junior at Ithaca High School. He built the areas first “pirate”
radio station, WVLR,”the voice of the Little Red” at 95.5 on the FM dial. While attending Ithaca
College, he was a DJ at WITJ in 1954 (now WICB) Ithaca, NY. Worked as a part time DJ at WKRT in Cortland, WMBO in Auburn, WHCU in Ithaca and staff announcer for Rural Radio Network in Ithaca.

Upon graduation from Ithaca College, he helped construct two New York State radio stations,
WTKO in Ithaca, where he was Assistant General Manager, and WAUB in Auburn where he was
General Manager and morning host;.

At WKBW radio in Buffalo, New York, he was a newscaster and on WKBW-TV hosted a farm program.

His final move in 1961 was back to Ithaca and WHCU/WHCU-FM, where he held various positions including
announcer, sales manager, morning host and General Manager. He retired from WHCU/WYXL, in 1988, but his
many fans urged him to return to the air waves.
So he put together THE RUDY PAOLANGELI PROGRAM, a “Musical Trip Down Memory Lane”,
still producing weekly specials on WHCU am/fm & WNYY am/fm.
The program is also repeated coast-to-coast and around-the-world 24/7 by logging on to rudyonduty.com

While working full time at WHCU, he was also a part-time faculty member at the Ithaca College School of
Communications from 1963-1983. He taught everything from announcing to station management.
He also served as Radio Director for student stations WICB and WVIC, and Faculty Adviser for Alpha Epsilon
Rho, the National Broadcasting Honorary Society.

From his home audio production and broadcast studio, RP MEDIA, he produces syndicated music
programs and commercials, and volunteers his time and facilities to produce radio public service
announcements for over 40 local non-profit agencies.

He is a member of the Broadcasters Foundation of America.

He was recipient of several local awards:

THE ITHACA JOURNAL GRACEFUL GIVING AWARD for producing radio PSA's for local agencies.

Foundation for outstanding contributions to Ithaca radio and the community.

THE EXEMPLARY SERVICE AWARD from the Tompkins County Public Library for producing their
radio public service announcements.

VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH from the Dewitt Historical Society for producing their radio public
service announcements.

SENIOR VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR from RSVP, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program for producing radio
public service announcements.

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR from Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services for dedication and service to the

GEORGE PINE, a former student of his at Ithaca College paid tribute to him twice for his invaluable
contributions and dedication to the College and its students, and his life long broadcasting career that made
him an Ithaca institution.

         2002 - The Ithaca College James J. Whalen CENTER FOR MUSIC  "Jazz Studio" named in his honor.

         2011 - The Ithaca College ATHLETICS & EVENTS CENTER "Wall Of Honor"  picture and plaque
                    in the Wolfgruber VIP room.        
                  RP MEDIA
 Audio Production & Broadcast Studio
             Ithaca, New York 14850
                   (607) 273-5773
 1948 Rudy's Pirate Radio Station
 1951 WKRT Cortland, NY
  at Cortland County Fair
  1952 WHCU Ithaca, NY
hosting " Coca Cola Calling"
 1953 Rural Radio Network, Ithaca, NY  
               Staff Announcer
 1956 WTKO Ithaca, NY Morning        Host &  Assistant Manager
1958 WKBW Buffalo, NY Newscaster
      1960 WAUB Auburn, NY  
Morning Host & General Manager
1963 WHCU  Ithaca, NY Afternoon DJ
Remember PING PONG BALL DROP promotions? In 1960, when I was General Manager and Morning Host at WAUB in Auburn,
New York, I proposed  to the Auburn Chamber Of Commerce, a PING PONG BALL DROP during Downtown Sidewalk Dollar Days.
They loved it!   It also included my "count down to drop" live broadcast from a Piper Cub Airplane flying above Genesee Street
in downtown Auburn. To keep the crowd informed of take off, arrival and drop, merchants set up radios on the sidewalks tuned to 
WAUB, creating a huge PA system.   

Thousands of PING PONG BALLS  were dropped, many stuffed with certificates for valuable prizes donated by merchants.

That's me in the Piper Cub airplane flying very low over Genesee Street!   (NOTE:  the plane was flying lower than the tallest
downtown building!)

Thousands of people showed up, the largest crowd ever, making it the most  memorable and successful downtown Auburn promotion.
                      by Rudy Paolangeli
Rod Serling was a visiting professor at the Ithaca College School Of Communications
and was a regular listener to WHCU.
In September 1965, I was hosting the afternoon drive program on WHCU, when Rod
dropped by to say hello. I told Rod how much my five children loved his TWILIGHT
ZONE TV program, and would he give them his autograph.
This is what he wrote:
I always wanted to see my name in lights!
1954  DJ at WITJ (now WICB Ithaca, NY)
                                            “RUDY ON DUTY” at his home studio in Ithaca, New York

 RP MEDIA is a professional recording and broadcast studio, producing commercials and syndicated
radio programs, including the RUDY PAOLANGELI HIT PARADE PROGRAM Saturdays @ 5:00pm and 
Sundays @ 10:00am on WNYY am1470, fm 94.1 Also 24/7 by logging on rudyonduty.com or 
YOU TUBE.com/rudy on duty hit parade
If you have any questions or comments, contact Rudy at rpmedia@twcny.rr.com.
                         “DISCOVER ITHACA” is a must DVD for visitors and new residents
                                                 Available at Gift Shops in the Ithaca area
                          For more information about the ‘DISCOVER ITHACA” DVD, log on to
Rudy says “I’ve been in this wonderful broadcasting business for over 50 years and it’s been a labor of love. I am so fortunate to continue doing in retirement, what I did most of my life ....radio broadcasting! My advice to future broadcasters: find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. I DID!”                                                                                                              
2012 - CAYUGA RADIO GROUP dedicated their Conference Room as the "RUDY PAOLANGELI
CONFERENCE ROOM" to honor his lifetime commitment and love for radio.
RP MEDIA "hits" coast-to-coast and around-the-world!


A newly released book ITHACA RADIO, tracing the history of Ithaca stations WHCU, WTKO, WVBR and WICB is now available at AMAZON.com
Pictured below are co-authors Peter King, CBS Radio News (left) and Rick Summers, WLTW New York City radio personality (right) and their former 
                                                                            Ithaca College Instructor, Rudy Paolangeli (center).

Rudy on Duty  
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